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    Fort Wayne Bird Removal

    We are experts in Fort Wayne bird removal and control. Our list of services includes Wildlife Management, Animal Control, Fort Wayne Wildlife Control and Cleaning and Repairs for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Properties relating to any wildlife in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. We also perform bird feces cleanup. We have a state of the art cleaning system that lets us remove bird feces in a safe and speedy manner. Don't let the birds of Fort Wayne IN take over your home call today!

    We specialize in bird control, removal, and exclusion. We also do bat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal and snake removal. We remove household pests in a humane manor and will clean up the mess they may have left behind. We can also repair any damage the birds have caused to your home or business.

    Fort Wayne Bird Control

    Animal Removal is a full-service bird removal company that will assist you with problems caused by Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Snakes, Birds, Fox, Skunks, Deer, Geese, Groundhogs, Opossums, Rabbits, Chipmunks and more. Our experience in the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area includes wildlife management, skunk control, raccoon control, snake control, animal control, pest control, animal trapping and clean up.

    Most of our work is guaranteed for up to 1 year against Bird re-entry. We also provide Dead Bird Removal, Bird Nest Cleanup and other services that make us the most complete Bird Removal companies in the Fort Wayne metro area. We have a nuisance wildlife removal permit from the state of Indiana and we are fully insured.

    Fort Wayne Birds in Vents

    Removal of birds in vents is a very common request for Fort Wayne Bird Removal Professionals in the spring and fall. Around the middle of March the birds migrate back to their homes to begin pairing and mating. The female bird has an instinct to "nest" and looks for a suitable place to lay her eggs. Your vent or gable is a very secure place for her. This can be noisy for you as you hear them constantly moving, scratching and vocalizations coming from your vent. Professional Bird Removal experts will quickly remove the mother bird before the babies hatch.

    Birds feeders are for us to enjoy watching birds in our back yards in their natural state. However there are many different species of birds in the USA, which are considered a nuisance. One of the major requests we receive all year round is for birds nesting in vent pipes and building structures. This is a big problem and should be addressed immediately. Birds can be one of the dirtiest animals around and they often carry the possibilities of diseases, lice, mites and other known health problems. Bird Removal is necessary to keep birds out of your home, business or property.

    Fort Wayne Bird Exclusion

    Fort Wayne Bird Removal can help if you have birds on the rooftop of your home, business, or property. We are the experts at Bird control and our bird removal technicians use the most advanced methods of wildlife removal in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Some examples where bird control is needed are rooftops, attics, vents, garages, ledges and other building structures. Most birds lay and hatch 3 eggs at a time. As the young birds develop they will contaminate almost everything in the area with their urine and waste.

    Some newborn birds will die causing tremendous odor problems. When birds get inside your home they will contaminate things with waste, urine and bird mites. Birds will often infest a building for many years causing the building occupants to be exposed to major health and respiratory problems. We use the best live bird traps, cleanup methods and exclusion techniques.

    If you have a pigeon control problem, give us a call to hire our professional bird control and removal services in Fort Wayne, IN.
    • Bird Removal consultation and assessment of bird problems
    • Guaranteed Bird Control and Exclusion
    • Pinpointing entry points and the problems they may cause
    • Sealing potential openings with wire screening or caulking
    Our trained Fort Wayne bird control technicians will remove birds and their nests while trying to prevent stress and injury to them. This is also a practical and economical approach. The use of pesticides or inhumane killing for bird removal is illegal in most areas of the country. Removing breeding birds the wrong way may leave baby birds to die in your home or building. This will attract bugs and parasites causing unnecessary health risks. The removal of bird carcasses is a time consuming and neccessary process.

    We also offer commercial bird control and removal, bird proofing, netting, bird spike installation, electrical track and other commercial bird control products and installation. Call us before your bird, pigion, starling or grackle problem escalates out of control.

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